Foreword By Dr Fyfe, Seeley Swan Veterinary

Healing hearts and paws is an excellent resource for pet caregivers who love animals and invite them into their lives. With love often comes loss, and there has been a shortage of information to help guide pet owners as they make their way through their sadness. Grief is as unique as love, as unique as each human-animal bond, and this book both guides individuals through peaceful, thought-provoking exercises, while encouraging them to express their feelings in thoughtful, touching ways.

As a companion animal veterinarian, I celebrate the human-animal bond daily. I see what amazing gifts animals bring to their owners in all walks of life. Claire’s course is a gift to those owners left behind, to articulate their feelings and heal from within, to celebrate the life of their beloved animal companion. 

Tanya Fyfe, DVM,Seeley Swan Veterinary

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