Module 4: Introduction

Hello there,

In module 3, we looked at what your pet meant to you, and applying healing tools for when our heads are filled with judgment and guilt.

Module Four brings the focus to healing. There's a quote that says, "It takes a village to raise a child.” I think it also applies when we are walking a steep path. Facing difficult times with another helps keep our connection with the world. Sometimes merely sharing a happy memory of our pet with someone creates more love on a low mood day.

In Module Four we will look at:

•      creating new rituals

•      finding friends who can support you as you navigate your loss

•      practicing keeping our heart open during this tender time

•      sharing and telling your story with another

•      honoring the peaks and valleys of grief as you move forward

As you journey on your path of healing, a gentle reminder that grief has no timeline, take as long as you need for these next ten lessons in Module Four.

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