An Introduction to Healing Hearts and Paws

How to use this program:

Extensive studies show that it takes 21 days for the brain to create new habits. You will be receiving 27 self-guided lessons in your inbox. Each lesson contains a writing/journaling exercise, meditating, or another activity that will help you journey through your grief. 

“When you set an intention, when you commit, the entire universe conspires to make it happen.” Sandy Forster


At the beginning of each lesson, there is an intention. Since grief can be all encompassing, we begin each day by turning our energy towards what we want, versus what we don’t have.  One way you can do this is by writing the intention down on a piece of paper and posting it somewhere you are likely to look at it frequently. 

Today’s inspired action:

Each lesson also contains an interactive component that includes a writing/journaling exercise, meditation, or another activity. Since there are more than 21 lessons, feel free to pick from the ones that resonate with your heart. At any time after 21 days, you can revisit each lesson/topic as they call out to you, throughout the ebb and flow of your journey. 

I hope this guide will help bring comfort and healing in a heartfelt, practical way. 

To your healing,

Claire and Team Modern Pet Loss

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