Module 3: Introduction

Hello there,

In modules 1 and 2, we learned ways to open our hearts, practice self-care and to apply techniques to bring more support into our daily life.

This week in module 3, we will take a closer look at what your pet means to you. We’ll explore ways to bring healing even during times when your mind seems full of judgments and guilt. 

In this module you’ll learn: 

•      How to be with any anger you might feel and healthy ways to release it

•      Why denial is a natural part of the grief process and what you can do about it.

•      Ways to release the guilt you might be feeling.

•      How forgiveness frees up space in your head for healing.

•      The things you can do to heal when you are missing your pet.

•      What to do with the items left behind.

A gentle reminder that this course is set up for easy access. When you need it, it’s here. There is no right or wrong way to go about these lessons. If it feels like too much to take on for today, you can come back to it another day.

To your healing,

Claire and Team Modern Pet Loss

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